Sharing an even shorter story, recently published elsewhere.
α”π‹…πŒ„πŒ“πŒ„ πŒ•π‹…πŒ‰πŒα΅πŒ” πŒ€πŒ“πŒ„ π‹…κŠπŒ‹πŒ‹κŠα”Watch now (1 min) | Uncanny fashion advertisement resulting from a timeless Faustian wager.
Leaked documents transmitted from the near future.
Sharing a story story recently published elsewhere.
α”π‹…πŒ€πŒ• πŒ‹πŒ€πŒα΅πŒ΅πŒ€α΅πŒ„ α”πŒ€πŒ” πŒ‰ πŒ”πŒπŒ„πŒ€πŒŠπŒ‰πŒα΅?Watch now (2 min) | Unearthed this bizarre public service announcement on an old message board.
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